Trial Lessons – (including one day club membership)

Winch launch – 1 flight


Aerotow launch to 2,500 feet


Motor Glider flight – 30 mins


50% of trial lesson fees can be credited against course fees if course booked within one week of trial lesson being taken.


Courses – (including one month club membership and all launches and flying fees)

One Day


Five Day



Aiming for Solo Packages – (including twelve month club membership and launches and flying fees up to solo) See Aiming for Solo Terms and Conditions

Stage A (winch)


Stage B (aerotow)

£   250.00

NB - For students on existing TGC Aiming for solo courses who would like to transfer to the new package, there is a discounted transition deal available.  Contact the Office for details.


Membership fees – (including annual membership of the British Gliding Association.)

Membership year is from January 1st to December 31st and is charged on a monthly pro rata basis for new members joining throughout the year.

Initial Joining Fee – (credited to flying account)

Full Flying Member (inc £31 BGA capitation fee) - Membership year is from January 1st to December 31st and is charged on a monthly pro rata basis for new members joining.

Country membership (inc £31 BGA capitation fee, applications to be approved by committee) *Must reside outside 100 mile radius of HB as the crow flies, air map is definitive, annual fee only

Young adult Member  -aged 18-21 on Jan 1st

Junior Flying Member  -under 18 on Jan 1st

Associate Member

Temporary Membership(  available to Full members of another BGA affiliated club - evidence of membership required)



£490.00 per year


£250.00 per year


£160.00 per year

£60.00 per year

£60.00 per year

£10.00 per day

£25.00 per week

£45.00 per month

(***)  For Junior membership applications, please contact the office

Member Flying Fees – (scholarship fees are subject to special arrangements))

Winch launch

Aerotow launch up to 2,000 feet

Aerotow launch per 500 feet above 2,000 feet

Club glider hire





Club motorglider hire

     - flying time

     - off site non flying time





£0.40 per minute (*)

£72.00 per day

£360.00 per 5 days

£456.00 per 7 days

£552.00 per 9 days


£75.00 per hour

£21.00 per hour (**)



(*) club glider hire charges payable for a maximum of 3 hours per glider per day

(**) club motorglider hire charges are calculated taking account of

           a) flying time (total hours flown) and

           b) offsite non flying time (subject to a maximum of 3 hours daily)

NB   Aerotow charges and motorglider hire charges may be subject to change in line with fuel costs


Landing Fee  


Single engine light aircraft

Twin engine light aircraft

Overnight parking




£6 per night (*)

(*) 50% Member discount applicable


Private Aircraft Facility Fee (including trailer parking)  

Glider / Sustainer (Full and Country)

Glider / Sustainer where glider is normally based at another site (not exceeding 2 months at HB)

SLMG / SEP (All membership classes)

Additional trailer (empty storage only)

Hangarage (exclusive of Private Aircraft Facility Fee)

£340.00 per year

£150.00 per year

£480.00 per year

£3.00 per week

£1,140.00 per year


Caravan parking (electricity costs charged separately per day unit)



Caravan overnight charge



Camping overnight charge



£ 415.00 per year

£ 15.00 per night (*)


£ 11.00 per night (*)

£55.00 per week (*)


£ 8.00 per night (*)

£44.00 per week (*)


(*) 20% Member discount applicable


Conference Room hire

Whole room




Large section only




Small section only




£220.00 per day (*)

£120.00 per 1/2 day (*)

£100.00 per evening (*)


£140.00 per day (*)

£100.00 per 1/2 day (*)

£80.00 per evening (*)


£110.00 per day (*)

£75.00 per 1/2 day (*)

£60.00 per evening (*)


(*) 50% Member discount applicable

How to Pay:

Trial Lessons

Are payable in full at the time of booking.


We ask for full payment of course fees at the time of booking courses to enable us to confirm booking

Members Fees

Members are provided with an account, against which all fees are charged.  We ask members to ensure their accounts remain in credit at all times.

The following payment methods are available:

Bank transfer including PayPal

Either as one off transactions or as monthly standing orders. If you wish to use this method you can get the club bank details from the office.

Credit / Debit Card

We take payments over the phone or in person using credit and debit cards. We reserve the right to pass on credit card fees.


Payable to Coventry Gliding Club Ltd and posted in the envelopes provided into the office letterbox.


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