Fixed Price to Solo Package


Following the success of the Fixed Price to Solo Packages introduced in 2016, we have now reshaped the Fixed Price to Solo courses that allow students to have a fixed budget to get to solo first on the winch, and then aerotow.


These offer an alternative to our courses or standard flying membership, including 12 months membership and all launch, soaring, and instruction costs up to the point of solo. (See fixed price to solo terms and conditions for details)


There are two stages in the new Fixed Price to Solo course, initially focusing on helping students to achieve solo standard on the winch and subsequently on the aerotow.


“A fantastic gliding club with great staff and a modern fleet of gliders.
Large airfield operating all year round.
Easily accessible from the M1.
Great on site catering servicing cold and hot food. Well priced”
Matt - 2016


£1250.00 for Stage A (winch) Fixed Price to Solo course

£   250.00 for Stage B (aerotow) Extension package


See Fixed Price to Solo Terms & Conditions for details of what is included in the course.



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